Where to crash

Finally, as the route is more or less established, next thing to look t is accommodation. Just arriving there with a tent and a sleeping bag and expecting to set up a personal campsite somewhere in the jungle is not very legal in Cuba, there are only a few places around the island where official camp sites are situated, however, getting there by public transport appears to be quite a mission (whilst renting a car there is not something we can afford).

Second alternative is, of course are Casas Particulares.

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Destination- Cuba!


I believe that unless the flights are booked- it is hard to work on travel plans Plus, it is much better to book transportation as early in advance as possible.

Since I have no idea of our final destination, at least coming up with a decision of where to go first, should be made.In our case, it was not difficult at all.

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Let’s admit, living with an idea of going travelling for at least six month is not exotic anymore.
Almost every person that I know either did it, considers it or dreams about it.
Carrying around a though of leaving everything behind and going exploring was kept in my head for long enough until I got a full time job, which made me realize that I had no clue what should I save money for, apart from awarding myself with a trip.
Finally, the destination has been confirmed. South America it is! Starting point- Cuba, six months from today.
However, instead of jumping into instagramming and twitting about beautiful beaches, mountains and waterfalls, sharing experience of working on coffee plantations and wineries or hitchhiking around the continent, I thought it is also helpful, and rather rear to share experiences of planning, saving and preparing for the trip.
I found myself thinking that there is a massive gap between a deamy idea of wasting days on the seaside and realising that there will be 6 months of my life spent far far away, and as much as I love warm salty sea and boiling sun, it is very unlikely that I would manage to do that. That, led me to a point: Where should I start from?
This is why, here, I am planning to share experiences of finding the best routes, including best to be found sources. This blog should be listing all the research done related to volunteering work, possible employment, accommodation, transportation, visa requirements, money transfers, language, safety of the regions to visit.
And hopefully, one day, this might be helpful enough to someone who also thinks but does not know where to start.