Festival in Ollantaytambo, Peru


Ollantaytambo is only about 2 hour drive from Cusco. We went there only once during our 1 month stay in Cusco and so far it’s one of the brightest memories I have from South America.



When Spanish arrived to South America and concurred poor great Incas, they put a lot of effort to make sure the local Inca gods and beliefs were replaced by all the Christian saints along with Jesus. But instead of wiping off and introducing the new, Spanish decided to attach Christian belief to everything ‘holy’ that Incas already had.

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Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia



Bolivia certainly is an interesting country to travel.

It has quite a lot to offer, it has beautiful landmarks, very rich culture, colourful cities and generally, things to look at.



It is hard to miss Bolivia if you travel by land. And it is pointless to miss it, because you can cross the whole country in about $15.

Bolivia is one of the “true” backpacking experiences, which not many are probably ready for. All the complaints that we hear about “too touristy” places and even countries that are solely designed for “tourists” can be put on hold, because nothing like that exists there. Of course there are hostels and of course there are bus companies that cost more than a flight and take you from border to the border. But if you’re on limited budget, you would probably do the way locals do it. So you can forget about heating in your rooms, or barely warm water can be called Hot, you may not see vegetarian options listed on the menus in weeks and you might forget what supermarkets look like.

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Why you might want to visit Managua, Nicaragua

IMG_6727Often people tend to avoid visiting the capital city of Nicaragua and there are plenty of reasons for that.

Managua is not very attractive place to be. It is huge, it is not really tourist friendly, the city is fairly new and it doesn’t seem to have a proper citycentre. When you arrive to Managua, it feels like you’re entering a neverending suburb. 


Apart from a little ugly colourful imitation of Klimt’s trees all over the city and a terribly dirty lake, Managua could be an impressive example of ginormous colourful NON-Place which you pass and never remember again.

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